Living Better with PTSD

In their lifetime 1 in 5 women and 1 and 71 men experience rape. The person who experienced this is left with a deep sense of shame as if they had the power to change the circumstance. I choose not to use the word victim because my intention is to educate and empower the PTSD community so they can reclaim their personal power that was stolen the day of they were raped, whether it was one day or repeated.

My first sexual experience at sixteen was rape. Since, then I have described the rage that was unleashed inside me “The Beast”. My life has been enveloped with managing, healing, learning, and living with this feeling of deep betrayal and rage. You might think I am an angry person yet, for the most part I am loving and nurturing. Yet, when my current life brings back memories of that day I struggle to manage the pain and “The Beast”.

About Rene'

Life Coach, specializing in breaking through fear. Filmmaker, interest in documentary and experimental films Teach entrepreneur how to make their own promotional film by combining my knowledge of film making with life coach Mother of an adult daughter I have a deep appreciate for the earth and nature.
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