What is Living in Synergy & Meet René

Living in Synergy is a philosophy of living where you are in harmony with your mind, body and spirit. So when your intuition speaks your know how to listen to it. How to respond to it and how to teach those in your life to live in that synergistic space.

Greater peace, a feeling of calm in your daily life awaits you.  You will gain the confidence to migrate through stressful or even tragic events with an undercurrent of calm and peacefulness.

Here at Living in Synergy® we support you in gaining a greater understand of yourself so that your relationship with your friends, family and colleagues are the best they can be.  Where pleasure, enjoyment and love have the space to grow and blossom.

René is a filmmaker and a life coach.  The interdisciplinary of filmmaking and life coaching is where René’s passion has blossomed to help other business owners to craft content that reflects their message and learn the skills of filmmaking.